Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance


Let go and slip into something more comfortable- a diaper, a nightie, or a peignoir. The realm of tenderness is perfectly suited to explore power imbalance and deep, sweet surrender.

Domestic Scenarios

You long to be taken advantage of, to be taught the right way to behave. You want to please Mommy, Auntie, Teacher, Neighbor. These images are burned in your mind- strong women who will guide you you along the right path with their words and their hands and their foundational garments. I know exactly how to handle naughtiness but also reward good behavior. In my presence you will be that little boy, that little girl, dressed just so and spoiled thoroughly. You will be that rebellious teenager, that errant husband, in need of education and feminine mercy, yearning for affection and to be kept in line.


Cross dressing and feminization, either forced or cooperative, have been interests of mine since my very first boyfriend borrowed my black lace garter belt. Gender retraining, sissy education, and feminist rewiring will result in an intensive remodel of your old, tired place in society. Become useful, sensuous, sexy, exploited or objectified under my keen supervision and command. The process might involve physical transformation (lingerie, wigs, make-up, epilation, breasts and shapewear), joining me for a girls' night out with my friends, or being kept at home to serve in ways that suit the obedient housewife you'll become.

Regression and Adult Babies

Escape for a while into a safe, warm space for the helpless and vulnerable adult baby. The baby you are longs to be free of responsibility for every little choice. Someone should take control and hold you, feed and bathe and coddle you. Someone out there understands you. I am your firm, loving Mommy and I will allow you that freedom. Mommy fastens the snug diaper around you, relieving you of yet another responsibility. You crave the security of tight swaddling, Mother’s arms protecting you from the big, bad world. The warmth of Mommy’s body so close, the nipple of your bottle delivering more warmth that fills your tummy with reassurance. Listen to the gentle lullaby as Mother’s petticoat rustles over your head. I feel so fondly for your baby-self and the trust you place in me. I will bring you into a state of complete immersion in a soft, age-appropriate environment through subtle hypnosis and a calm, assertive approach. Powerful, protective and always prepared, Mommy will teach and nurture you as you grow.