Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance


The thread of Dominance and submission that runs through these experiences may be strong or subtle, but a certain amount of control must be relinquished for the truly sublime encounter I will create for us.

Sensory Exploration and Deprivation

On the gentler end of the spectrum, I might use sensual tease and denial tactics to sensitize you to the softest caress. A lock of my hair flicks across your nipple, my fingernails move across your thighs. It’s a private moment to enjoy the wonder of your body in the presence of someone who knows how to take control and send you.

Taking things to a more intense level through restraint and extreme sensory deprivation or sensory overload, you'll learn to feel everything as if through new skin. Controlling your world is what excites me. The means to that end? Anything from tickling and shaving to breath play and invasive procedures. I employ mummification, isolation, electrical stimulation, sound and light hypnosis and erotic psychological manipulation in concert with my intuition. The end result is the perfect high in these desensitizing times.

Animal Role Play

Discover pre-verbal states and the pleasure of living in the moment through training and quality time spent in an animal role. Puppy play can be playful or firm as you express the loyal, rambunctious, trainable canine within. My extensive experience in animal training will come into play when it comes time for housebreaking, crate time, obedience, belly scritches, and maybe even a dog show. The human equine can be a noble and hardworking horse, groomed and trained to pull my cart. It may also be preened and paraded around like a prancing show pony for all to see. My lifelong love of beasts and involvement in the animal role play community support my work with timid kitten people, human cats in heat, filthy scum slave-piggies, and crazed monsters in cages.

Lingerie and Worship

I have a consuming fetish for vintage and antique lingerie which I wear every day. Some of the sexiest moments of my day are the time I set aside for dressing and undressing myself: corsets, girdles, panties, stockings and fully fashioned nylons. Layer after snug layer, the puzzle of feminine mystique is assembled properly. The sensuality of satin, silk, and nylon is so bewitching, some even fall into a hypnotic trance when allowed to touch. I love to be worshiped by those who can appreciate the fine shimmer of the welt, the curve of my firm calf, and the arched eroticism in a stocking-clad foot.

Other Fetishes

As a complicated lady with a broad view of the erotic, I’m excited by fantastic encounters with fetishists. Some of my favourite forms of fetish play involve full toilet training and watersports, splosh and messy food play, fear and interrogation, satin and fabric texture, specific object fetishes, Victorian and equestrian clothing, and financial domination and control.