Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance


The time we spend together is tailored to our unique connection. Within each package the duration of our encounter is at my discretion and dependent upon what feels natural for our dynamic. Consideration is in USD and activities mentioned are only a leaping-off point - I am open to hearing your interesting ideas for how we might spend our time.

[Introduction] - This is a non-play session of 1-2 hours in which we get to know one another over coffee or a cocktail, in public or private. If you are approaching with the desire to establish a lasting, regular connection, this is the best first step.

[Rendezvous] - In my private retreat, out in the city, or a bit of both, revel in 1.5 - 3 hours of my undivided attention. Warm up over a cup of tea on your knees before me, let go of the day to day, and sink into submission. Drop your persona at the door and adopt your fantasy role in the safety of my supervision. Would you rather meet at the leather, lingerie, or pet store and then nip home to try out our purchases in privacy?

[Engagement] - Spend a thrilling half-day or evening together, bright and sparkling, a time outside of time. This allows us 4 - 6 hours in the privacy of my lair as well as out in the world if we should choose. Should we meet for a cocktail and then, once you are under my spell, retire to the dungeon for a decadent evening? Or will you give yourself to me to be thoroughly savored and tormented, then join me for dinner where we can linger and tease about our afternoon's secrets? We may need the whole time for our deviance and never see the light of the outside world...

[Full Day Assignation] - A full day enjoyed in my company permits you to ease into a true state of surrender over 7 - 10 hours together. We might meet for a gorgeous brunch, shop for leather or lingerie, indulge our special interests in or out of my private lair. I'll take my time to dress you up so we can attend a public or private play party or explore the hidden gems of San Francisco together.

[Weekend/Vacation] - Two to three full days spent deep in my world is a dream for absolute immersion in your submission, for play and connection, for putting you in compromising positions and sharing days and nights together. any and all of the possible adventures mentioned above... and then some. Will it be in San Francisco when you visit, or should we rendezvous somewhere else in the world? This option is primarily for established patrons, but exceptions can occasionally be made.

[Extended Visits] - Established patrons may inquire about arranging a longer encounter.

[Phone/Skype Consultation] - Whether or not we are able to meet in person before our engagement, we can always speak by phone or over Skype at length to share inspiration and discuss the details. We may also choose this option to train or play at a distance or to build rapport and anticipation before a long awaited meeting.


Encounters for which I fly to you will also require airfare on my preferred airline (Virgin or Air France) and quality accommodations.


All meetings require a 20% deposit. Meetings longer than one day require 50% deposit. Meetings outside the San Francisco Bay Area require a 50% deposit and may also require travel expenses in advance.

Cancellation policy

Neither of us likes a last-minute cancellation and fortunately they are rare. If your plans change for any reason and you are able to inform me up to 48 hours before our meeting, I can happily reschedule or fully refund your deposit, minus travel or related expenses incurred. A cancellation less than 48 hours before the appointed time will result in a forfeit of deposit. If circumstances require me to cancel at any time before our meeting, I will return your deposit to you and earmark you for a special treat next time.


As you can imagine, you're making a precious reservation for my thoughtful companionship. Our time together will not involve sex or sexual activity. I reserve the right to terminate an encounter at any point if I find your conduct to be lewd or vulgar.