Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance


A phone consultation can be a wonderful way to introduce yourself to me. It offers us the opportunity to pick each other’s brains and talk about our fantasies at length before we even meet. Sometimes the phone is our best choice for staying in touch or deepening our connection between in-person encounters. Some relationships exist exclusively long distance.

Training at a distance might include the writing of letters back and forth from my vintage typewriter or email account. Phone or video calls allow me to supervise assignments and progress. I won’t hesitate to order restrictions and line-writing if necessary, send you on challenging quests to please me, and eventually hold the key to your chastity. I have been developing a number of ways to engage in distance training and domination, so enhance your submission and keep you focused while we're apart.

I just love intimate phone conversations, confessions, and creative fantasizing. Knowing that you’re following my orders from afar, thinking of how I am touching your everyday life, is an erotic rush for me. Considering how much I value face to face time, I’ve been surprised at how much fun phone sessions are for me. I’ve met some really enjoyable people that way, so I make myself available through NiteFlirt when I’m home at my desk.


For a non-Niteflirt phone consultation or appointment, complete the introduction form and select "distance."


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