Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance


Most people, submissive or otherwise, benefit from the balancing effect of physical discipline. Within and beyond that you'll find the art of mental and emotional discipline. Immediate or long term, domestic or dungeon, applied discipline will focus you on service, on self-improvement, and on your place in My world.


Corporal punishment, such as paddling and caning, are what many people think of first when they think of SM. All play goes through the container that is the body, and corporal experiences can bring you into your body or take you beyond it. I am a consensual sadist- I fantasize about inflicting pain upon those for whom the pain is a pleasure worth pleading for.

Domestic Discipline

Spanking is classic and timeless for a reason. Punitive, therapeutic, erotic... Taking someone over my knee can reinforce submission or provide an ordeal to be withstood and overcome. Strapping and paddling, particularly with a hairbrush, are my very favourite methods of physical discipline in a domestic context. Domestic discipline often involves other punishments administered for your own good, such as corner time, mouth soaping, and writing lines. I will guide you, ensuring that you don’t stray from the path of good behavior.

Corporal Punishment

A sound caning is one of my favourite things to administer and I am skilled and experienced with everything from lightweight nursery canes to heavier Delron or Lexan canes. Flogging can be a gradual warm-up for the endorphins and the skin, possibly building into a cathartic encounter with one's deepest emotions. Other flavours of pain play that I enjoy include trampling, whipping, and intricate tortures like needles, sounds, and suturing.


Privately embarrassing and objectifying you is extremely entertaining for me. The burn of internal shame in a public setting is priceless. Even though I'm the only one who knows your secret, you’re terrified of being exposed. I might invite a group of Dominant Lady friends to join us in your degradation and exploitation or bring you out for an evening of display to an appreciative audience. Have you ever felt the shame in being cuckolded? Let your discomfort be my delight.