Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance


I weave restraint of some form into almost every interaction, from restrictive verbal protocol and discreet chastity devices to complete immobilization and cocooning for painful tease and denial or total sensory deprivation and control. The physical restriction I orchestrate can bring you to a state of mental and emotional freedom.


Psychological bondage, predicament bondage; I love scenes that are about nothing but straight bondage, inescapable and solid. A variety of ropes are at hand to snare you in my web. Rope can be a part of a quick tie-down or, carefully woven, sliding over the skin for hours, binding you into a trance. With leather and metal I secure control of your body, in part or in entirety. Complex gags make protest futile. Have you ever experienced partial or full body suspension? Prolonged bondage sessions and mummification are just as hypnotic for me as they will be for you.


Possessing the key to your chastity device, I effectively own your sexuality. This kind of ownership is easily hidden from the outside world but impossible for you to forget or ignore. I will select the method of containment and your training schedule. You may need to be locked up while we’re together to prevent misbehavior in my presence. I find it very useful to secure your device when you are outside of my supervision to ensure compliance and assert my ownership. The key I hang in my special cabinet is a reminder that you belong to me and that I control all access.

Service and Submission

Do you crave meaningful submission but fear that others won’t understand the value of your gift? As you let go of selfishness and control, prioritizing my desires, we will be one another’s treasures. Learn to follow my lead and find pure pleasure in the act of obedience. I will teach you about flexibility and in my hands you will become more present, more pleasing, more passive. Seize the opportunity to serve someone who adores being served, someone empowered by your deference. In service, you will beg for the opportunity to advance your skills, be of use, give back to me and to the world. You will have the opportunity surrender deeply in my presence because one of the greatest pleasures on earth is to belong to someone special.


Training is essential to any submissive spirit. In addition to education and drilling in general protocol and obedience, I enjoy providing rigorous instruction in domestic servitude, hussy training, and toilet slavery.