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If you are contacting me to inquire about a session or an ongoing connection, you must take care to first read through the pertinent sections of my website. Be clear about what I offer and what we have in common.  The ability to follow directions and comply is crucial. Our first contact will be when you write, presenting yourself to me.

To Request an Encounter:
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Note that I do not respond to one line emails, nor those written as text messages or containing vulgar language or images. In any contact I appreciate a tone which is respectful and concise. First impressions are powerful and set the tone for our ongoing chemistry.

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I am always happy to offer you 10-15 minutes of my time on the phone to establish contact and answer a few questions. Beyond that you may want to arrange a phone consultation to delve deeper and discuss an encounter in greater detail. My personal number for calls or texts is available once we have plans to chat.

For phone consultation and fantasy
1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 03575267