Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance


"A companion chooses her own clients, that's guild law. But physical appearance doesn't matter so terribly, you look for a compatibility of spirit."  -Inara Serra in Firefly

The anticipation of a first meeting. Feeling profoundly understood. The gravitational pull of falling for someone. Flirtation. Those nights when you just can’t seem to say goodnight and you linger just a little longer over that last glass and the flickering end of the candlelight. Indulging yourself, allowing little intimacies. Intellectual intrigue and the freeing of long-held secrets. Giving yourself over and letting go. Adventure and hedonism and warm company. Let’s create and savor moments like this together.

Dominant companionship describes the time spent dining, talking, strolling- all infused with varying degrees of Dominance and submission. As a companion, I find that time spent outside the dungeon is the icing on the cake, making our dynamic more satisfying for us both. I believe that we can foster stimulating romance and erotic adventure without obligation. It’s like dating in a completely different context; one without shame or fear, where you can feel free to explore without expectation.

I am present as a confidante, collaborating on our mutual fantasy without pretense, giving only my most genuine enthusiasm for our play. I am a hedonist who puts a high value on pleasure and indulgent experiences. In the most authentic way, I am a Dominant Lady; at home when you are deferential but real with me. I like to laugh and I treasure those who can truly amuse me.

I'm passionate about food, dining, and service. If you want to curry favour with me, be my dinner companion. Across the table we can scheme and dream about our fantasies together. I’m an articulate conversationalist, always interested in a brainstorm or a good-natured debate. I’m equally at home dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant or strolling through a city park with the most delicious street food.

Together we can explore the hidden, eccentric magic of any city. I’ll play the role of adventurous tour guide in the cities I know best, namely San Francisco and Paris. Together we’ll take in the secret sites, in or out of bondage, in or out of role. I appreciate the performing arts, from opera to modern dance to drag shows. After attending a kinky class or event, we can discuss it over drinks at a hidden speakeasy. Shopping is an activity I like only when shared; we can pick out things for you, for me, or for us both. I’m also happy just spending time in the chambers of my secret lair, relaxing together in front of the fireplace, slowly coming back to earth.