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Dec 12 2017 "Would you like to have an Afternoon Baby Foot Tea?"Category: General     12:46PM   0

Going into the wintertime, feet are often hidden away in soft socks and fluffy slippers. They are not lounging out on display quite as much as in the warmer months; no sandals or flip flops, no barefoot beaches or picnic toes in the grass. They have a chance to heal, soften, and get resensitized before next spring brings them from their sheaths like fragile butterflies freed from their chrysalis. It's a perfect time for foot worship and doting on one's pedicure.

I feel that my feet are already quite soft and pleasant to touch, and I am not the only one with this opinion. I don't struggle to keep them this way. However, I also LOVE to have them touched by other people, subjected to sensations from the soothing to the stimulating, so pedicures with intense scrubs and exfoliations are really yummy to me. I've had them tickled by dead-skin-eating fish in the cenotes of the Yucatan. I've had them "corn-cobbed" at a foot fetish party. I've walked in the "reflexology stream" of a Hawaiian hotel's spa garden.

A friend was recently telling me about a product called Baby Foot which is a fruit/lactic acid peel for one's feet which involves soaking, cocooning in little adhesive plastic bags filled with the peel, rinsing, and then watching the dead skin fall off in sheets over the next week to reveal sensitive and soft new skin! Was it science? Sort of*! Does it work? Who knows**! It's another opportunity to feel sensations on my feet! This friend of mine asked if I would like to have an afternoon Baby Foot Tea, which sounds either disgusting or like some kind of neural network generated kink. The question is really "would I like to enjoy a pot of tea and conversation with another Dominant Lady while my submissive washes, soaks, massages, applies, rinses, and moisturizes our feet?" And the answer is "Of course! How's tomorrow for you?"

Of course there are plenty of other companies making these foot peels - the one I bought is another brand - but the weird and fetishistic name is part of the appeal. Will Baby Foot Teas become a new ritual around here? Will they become a trend in the world of Dommes or humans in general?

* - Fruit and lactic acids are science, but these peels list no percentage, so it's a loose science.

** - I haven't heard any personal testimonies and it looks like there's a lot of free product distributed in exchange for reviews.

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