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Jan 9 2015 Casting Off My Stockings For The New YearCategory: Announcements     07:41PM   0

Do you have a New Year ritual? Champagne and a kiss when the clock strikes? Do you make resolutions for the coming year or reminisces of the year past? A plunge into icy water or a superstitious phrase? A song to start things off on the right foot? (I sing this one quite a bit around this time, and twenty years ago I couldn't start the year without this one.)

As the old year passes into memories and photographs and the new year begins to hatch in the form of travel plans, wicked ideas, and new connections, I like to take January to make a project of cleaning out my space. Out with the old- things that have no meaning or no use. In with the new- tools and toys, replacing and repairing. It's the time I steam vintage frocks and organize my earrings, replenish makeup and creams and potions. I sort through gear and some lucky friends inherit my cast-offs while my wishlist is updated. The bookshelf is thinned and the plants are repotted.

This week I've compiled a basket of my worn stockings - some of them orphaned, some of them with a pick or a run which simply would not do to be worn in public. Some are vintage, a few are modern, and many are vintage reproduction. I'm sure the existence of this basket is setting many of you to drooling already, but it gets better.

Would you like to own one of these precious stockings? Would you like one of these gauzy treats once I have freshly scented it by wearing it for a day, pulling some naughty girl over my lap and spanking her bottom rosy? Would you like it sealed and mailed to you along with a handwritten note? All of this is possible! I am making the contents of this tantalizing basket available to you and at the same time supporting a charitable cause. When you send a $40. donation to me, I will mail you one of my lovely worn stockings. When the basket is empty, I'll divide the donations between two causes: animal rescue (via direct supply purchase or medical bill payments) and food security (through volunteer-run urban farming programs).

To make your wish come true, send me an email and let me know if you have a preference for the era or colour and I will indulge you as the selection permits. I'll respond with a few options for how to send your donation and get that silky sheer stocking on its way to you ASAP. Happy New Year!


                     Miss Violette


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