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He is looking at a naughty website, and I am watching. More specifically, I am watching the naughty website, as if over his shoulder, but I am also watching him. I can see which images have the most impact and I can see whether or not he’s touching himself and how. I am watching him struggle to write out the assignment, delete part of it, try again. I am watching him brush his teeth, check his phone one last time, climb into bed. I am even watching him sleep. At any moment I could call and deliver an order. At any moment I could close the website, open something I want him to see. At any moment I could block his access to porn or ensure that the porn of my choice becomes his desktop. I am watching and I am also controlling.

In a recent post I spoke about some of the inspiration for my interest in surveillance and control. This is a post about the technology that I use for erotic control and the technology that I wish someone would create for me.

Video and Audio Surveillance for erotic control

There are options for visual surveillance that are quite appealing with various degrees of control and various price points. The IP camera is a kind of digital video camera that can send its signal over the internet to another computer. These range wildly in price, often have infrared capability, and are remotely controlled. There are also infrared-capable webcams which can plug into the subject’s laptop - generally a less expensive option and not requiring as much technical setup. To that end, the subject of surveillance might also be simply instructed to leave their webcam running as long as the party in control desires it.  Lastly, there is the Belkin Netcam, which seems to be the best option of the batch: night vision, connects to wifi, and someone like me can enjoy the streaming (wide angle) video and audio from anywhere via the app for my smartphone.

There are software options that can allow the party in control to access the subject’s computer remotely, by laptop or smartphone, and control the machine remotely. It’s quite common to turn the reins over to tech support for the purpose of resolving a glitch, but what about turning the reins over to your Dominant? Programs like LogMeIn allow me to enter your laptop whenever I like, adding provocative images, blocking access to certain sites with Self Control, and manipulating your user experience to my tastes. I might stay logged in until I become a part of the background, until you’ve forgotten I’m there, and then suddenly remind you that you’ve been violated and I am inside.

What about the possibilities of the FitBit or other fitness and habit tracker that is worn 24/7? I could monitor your sleep, your active time, perhaps even your masturbation habits, to ensure that you are complying with the program I have set out for you. This is also one more interesting way to track you from my phone.

Of course Dominants and submissives have been playing remote games of control and surveillance for ages, and we still play all the time with the simple act of demanding photographic proof, calling in or sending written orders, and interrupting the daily routine with an unexpected injection of control. Texting, calling, emailing, and the millions of messaging clients all provide free or nearly free ways to deliver orders or show compliance without a lot of set-up or fuss. Applications like SnapChat have added a layer of security (or perceived security) to these acts in our digitized lives by deleting the text or images after viewing. As with any surrender of data or power, I hope it goes without saying that you’ll want to think carefully about the risk you are taking in divulging passwords and sensitive images to another person.

There are some technologies which must exist, although I haven’t been able to find them yet. If I can get a message on my phone informing me that my cat has used the litterbox and if I can adjust the heat in my home or car when I’m still at baggage claim, why can’t I also have these things? What are the technologies you’d like to see for the purposes of your own control and pleasure?

Personally, I dream of a straightforward, smartphone-controlled remote electrical unit that is fitted inside of a chastity device. I want a user-friendly app on my phone that allows me to manipulate, via wifi, the electrical device you are wearing on the other side of the country. The device itself could be USB charged and offer adjustable levels of buzz or shock and the stimulation settings (like stroke or waves) found in the ErosTek I love. Why not also register data about your state of arousal? If it connected to a Google Glass, think of how I might toy with my prey. I can’t wait for this invention to be delivered! The technology itself already exists, how difficult could it be?

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