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Happy Winter Holidays to you! We’re most of the way through them and I hope you’re surviving alright, making merry whenever possible, and indulging in all the seasonal treats. I am reveling in the gorgeous sharp blue skies, the crows calling out during my morning stroll. After a three-day cold snap, we’re back to jacketless San Francisco winter days.


There are a few bits of news I'd like to share with you as the year draws to a close, beginning with my expanding presence on Niteflirt. I should be available much more often for chats, and in the new year I will be offering some interesting new things on that platform, including one- and two-way video calls, purchasable stories (written by my sissy Ladies' maid!), intriguing multi-person calls, and some very fun distance assignments that I have been devising over the course of the last few months. I'm eager to start posting these and to hear what you think of them. If there is a kind of content or connection that you'd love to see, please let me know as I am formulating what kinds of things will be available. Never explored Niteflirt before? You can sign up right here.


This is the time of year when the question of gifts is often raised. There are, of course, a number of ways to show your appreciation and/or devotion. If you’ve kept an ear to the ground, you know what kind of things bring me joy. A modest tribute earmarked for my vacation time later this winter would be very sweet. If you’re wondering, I maintain an Amazon wishlist on and off, but Amazon gift cards are more useful in that respect as I don't always keep the list itself up to date. Finally, I find very thoughtful even the smallest donation to a charitable organization I support. If you do choose to donate, please send me the receipt so I can show my appreciation to you in kind. Here are a few I always like to support:

Lyon Martin Women's Health Services (Quite straightforward)

St. James Infirmary (Peer-Based Occupational Health and Safety Clinic for Sex Workers)

Muttville or Nor Cal Family Dog Rescue (You know how I feel about my dog.)


In the next six months I have quite a bit of travel planned, hopefully including a little snippet of vacation time in Mexico. For the latest updates on my travel plans, check the Locations page of my website. You'll see up-to-date information for visits to Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, London, Paris, Washington D.C., NYC, and Toronto. The first trip is Seattle in January and it's a brief one so my Northwest friends should make contact right away.

I hope that your holidays are going smashingly with warmth and food and sparkling lights. If you're reading this, you haven't been naughty enough to be abducted by the wicked Krampus this year; better luck next time! Happy New Year!

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