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Surveillance Camera To Control Your Life!


Have you imagined how the technology of science fiction films could be corrupted for perverse purposes? Are you the kind of person who watches movies - suspenseful, psychological thrillers - and wonders what it would feel like to experience it for yourself? Do you enjoy creating elaborate predicaments in your head, scenarios of surveillance and blackmail? Have you ever made any of those fantasies into realities?

This strict and removed control via technology has run through my mind as long as I can remember. Once I saw a film in which a tank of piranhas is channelled through a system of pipes to attack a couple just stepping into their pool. I remember nothing about the characters or the plot outside of that, but I fixated on the system; who would set their piranha tank up to connect to their pool, the release operated from a computer within a darkened control room? Another formative film featured a naked woman in a room with an electrified floor. Who can even remember the criteria for her shocking? Was she answering questions incorrectly or was just at the mercy of her captor’s amusement? All I remember was her panic as she jumped around to avoid being shocked, not even sure who could see in this vulnerable state. Who would invent such a room and how could I make my own?

Films like this formed the foundation. Since then there has been a rapidly expanding stream of movies and television shows that speak to the terrifying possibilities of technology used to watch, monitor, and control us. The current peak of this phenomenon, as far as I am concerned, is the UK series Black Mirror. Each episode is like a short film unto itself which shows some positive, pleasurable parts of technology in an assortment of futures close and distant. At some point the plot is complicated in a Twilight Zone fashion, to show the horror that might accompany that aspect of technology. The first season, containing three episodes, seems to focus on media and video and their relationship to our strong desire to appear successful while keeping our dirty secrets private.

How cruel and fantastic when those very channels are used for humiliation and exposure! How terrifying to be watched constantly, even in your most private and shameful moments! I am fascinated by the use of technology applied to a D/s connection, used for control and to invoke feelings of being stripped and bare before the omniscient Mistress. In my next entries I will share some of the ways I have been enjoying this kind of control as a Dominant Lady and describe some of the technologies I would like to find or invent.

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