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Aug 8 2012 Two New AccomplicesCategory: General     06:33PM   1

The first time I met Ms. Eliza, we were hurrying into a theatre in Lyon to watch a piece written by a friend of hers. I can hardly remember the performance, dazzled as I was by Eliza’s conspicuous beauty: her efficient high heels, her proud cheekbones, her bubbly audacity and frightening brilliance. Over the weeks that followed we shared thoughts on politics and travel, stockings and beauty treatments. Over Moroccan mint tea we analyzed gender relations in France. We’ve even discussed traveling together at some point, gentlemen beware.

In a secret tea room in London’s Soho, Mistress Olivia Fitzgerald and I had the kind of conversation which would have been a real thrill to overhear. There are not very many dominant companions in the world, so I was especially happy for the chance to share an afternoon with Olivia and talk about what inspires us, what we create around us. A read through her blog shows one thing that makes her such a rare gem- she is sharp, reflective, intelligent, dedicated, and well-rounded. In fact, she has inspired me to be a more dutiful blogger! I’m hoping we’ll have the chance to collaborate in some way in the future.

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Mistress Olivia Fitzgerald said on 08-12-2012 at 12:10 am:
It was truly a delight to meet with you Violette. You are a woman after my own heart- insightful and with a deep soul. I certainly do hope we are able to collaborate in the future, I think our combined ideas work together very well indeed. In the meantime, I look forward to reading more of your blog posts now that you're feeling inspired to write more often!