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Aug 2 2012 Porcelain and PaperbacksCategory: General     09:19AM   0

To see you twice, and with only a month’s break in between for contemplation, was really a treat. When we are kept apart too long, I lose the momentum of our connection. Over time a certain evolution wants to happen- an evolution of shared fantasy and of comfort, an evolution of limits and how to push them.  We had a chance to move forward instead of just playing catch up. It feels as if we have rekindled something treasured once again and I am very, very pleased to think back on the many little moments of magic.

I was moved by the light in the pastel Belle Epoque of Harrod's tea room as we talked about death and self-worth and religion. I like to be with you in the most feminine places; in the laciest, fanciest, most clearly feminine places. The sweat beading on your lip in my presence is hot testimony, speaking volumes for you. An ice-cold, unopened can of Stella was likely never used that way before. Know that I will never see it on a menu without thinking of your glorious suffering. Among this little garden of pleasures, I pick the most resonant image to bloom in my mind: tears falling past your lipstick print on the rim of the porcelain throne, your shame and devotion and joy tangled up in shuddering sobs.

It's no secret that I love tears of surrender and fine hotels and witty essays. The book you gave me is incredibly insightful and has made me laugh out loud on the train and in the bath. It already has a waitlist of borrowers! Thank you for continued mutual splendor.

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