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Jul 25 2012 The Sweetness of HomeCategory: Travel     01:24PM   0

After a month and a half in France, I am home again in San Francisco- in my own bed, my own boudoir. My favourite ferns, pinguiculas, and violets have exploded in my absence. Three new books have been added to the “to read” pile which grows beside the ferns. I’m happy to have come back early enough to benefit from the Bay Area summer in the form of outdoor dining, the San Francisco Symphony playing in the park, and sandal weather. I can’t say I missed the nightly blanket of fog that tucks us in all summer long.

The south of France was (predictably) beautiful. The familiar favourites beckoned to me; Tunisian pastries, little melons that fit in my palm, salty sun-dried olives, and bits of smooth sea-tumbled beach glass from Marseille. Traveling always reveals to me new treasures, even in familiar places; a vintage single-serving stovetop cafetiere, calisson-flavoured ice cream, and friendship with a couple of wonderful, like-minded ladies. I'll say more about them both later.

This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to visit London and I couldn’t help falling a little bit in love with it. How is it possible that the entire city looks like a movie set of itself? The charm of London is so polar- the gritty sort of Victorian crime novel London on the one hand, and the spectacle of vulgarity that is Harrod’s on the other. Rhinestone hijabs, a fine Indian restaurant in an old library, and delicious food in every direction. Of course I’m already thinking about when I can return.


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