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Jul 5 2007 An Afternoon with Mademoiselle OctavieCategory: General     08:59AM   0

 Tuesday morning I woke up and pulled on layers. It was raining and the only jacket I brought was my little black cardigan. Soft modal boyshort panties. Black vintage bullet bra. Cream silk camisol for warmth. Cream vintage full slip. Lacey cream and pink petticoat. Pink vintage swiss dot dress with tiny heart shaped buttons over the bust. Red lipstick. The building I am staying in was built in the mid-nineteenth century, and the stairs (all 7 flights of them) are the smoothest dark wood. They are so slippery that I run down barefoot and put on my stockings and heels at the bottom to avoid a broken leg.

I was to meet Mademoiselle Octavie, a lovely french Domme with a quick smile and a warm manner. We spoke for hours about play and work, about BDSM in Paris and San Francisco, about what she loves to do to masochists (whip and flog!) and my favourite traits in submissives (attention to detail and resourcefulness!) and of course about our favourite pastries! At the end of our coffee, it didn't feel as though we were ready to part ways just yet, so she offered to show me a hidden castle, a tea room, and the oldest building in Paris. The best thing of all was that the building is now home to a club for "echangistes," or swingers!

Together we bought ridiculous amounts of beautiful tea at Mariage Freres, aided by a wonderful service-oriented gentleman who performed very well under the direct gaze of two pretty, dominant ladies. Clearly he relished the opportunity to engage in a consensual, if not explicitly negotiated, D/s exchange. The desire to serve and be of use can run deep beneath the surface of any person, and the path of expression can be found in shops and restaurants just as often as dungeons and play parties. Likewise, those of us who take pleasure in receiving service, who are excited by protocol and arroused by your submission- We are also everywhere. We eat in your cafes, we patronize your department stores, and We Notice. My afternoon was truly illuminated by this comet of unspoken energy exchange.

I parted ways with Mademoiselle Octavie and found myself a tasty lunch around St. Michel. I love the (admittedly touristy) narrow streets there, filled with foodstuffs and people standing in doorsways, beckoning and questioning if you are hungry, if you have eaten yet, if you want the best pizza, or falafel, or chinese, or traditional french food that Paris has to offer. Mlle Octavie has kindly suggested that I might like to join in on a session with her and another Domme next week. Three elegant and powerful women with sadistic inclinations focused on one lucky bottom. If you happen to be in Paris and feel like the time of your life, I believe this is your invitation!

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