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May 23 2012 London AwaitsCategory: Travel     01:11PM   0

France is usually my homebase while in Europe, but this summer I’ll be making my first visit to London, among other places. Paris and Southern France are certain, but Berlin, Barcelona, and Portugal are question marks that will merit some consideration in the coming weeks.

With London as enormous as it is, it seems impossible to cover much in a handful of days. Instead, I asked some friends and near-strangers to suggest interesting things I might enjoy there. The typical tourist sites don’t usually appeal to me; I’m more drawn to small, quirky museums and unique shops that show the true personality of the city, rather than a caricature. Here I’ve listed a few of the destinations that were suggested to me for exploration in London.

Kenwood Ladies’ Bathing Pond - Even the name sounds delicious. This appears to be a natural pond, with woods and flowers all around, set aside exclusively for the bathing pleasure of women. I’m packing a vintage swimsuit and parasol, a good book of poetry, and a picnic lunch.

The Rooftop Film Club - I love the outdoor movies, symphony, and opera that happen all summer in San Francisco parks. In Paris, there’s an open-air cinema festival at Parc de la Villette with the softest, cleanest grass I have ever seen. Why not a rooftop in London?

Operating Theatre Museum - There are several medical museums of interest in London, from the Florence Nightingale Museum to the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. This is just one of the many on my list that seem particularly creepy and captivating.

Dennis Severs’ House - I have a love of eccentric artists, or those whose eccentricity creates art even when unintentional. Mr. Severs was a Californian expat in 1970’s London, driving a hansom cab and creating a fictitious historical home and “still-life drama” for visitors to tour by candlelight.

I'm still compiling my list of possibilities and I haven't even begun to think about dining! Some time remains available for those who would show me London or Rendezvous with me while I am there.

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