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Mar 16 2008 Mommy's little boy has his first public play!Category: General     01:21PM   0

For a week or so I took a break to babysit a friend and play partner from Barcelona, focusing all of my unflinching perversity and erotic nurturing on him, including his introduction to the world of public play! He was so nervous about his very first play party, about being in his little boy headspace in such an obvious and even humiliating way. He didn't know if it would make him feel embarrassed ("I'm wearing a onesie and a baby harness, and screaming "Mommy!" when I come- AND everyone can see!"), or proud ("Everyone is staring in jealousy because my Mummy is the best mummy and she takes such good care of me!"), or... or what!

When we arrived and he stripped down to his cotton underthings, he was already wearing the pink leather Reincheck harness I had put on him in the taxi. He put a hand up to his chest, tracing the little lamb image and feeling the solidity, the security of the leather. He was not to speak to anyone without Mommy's permission, not to look anyone in the eye. To mark the occasion, I bought him a little wooden pull-along alligator that makes a clacking noisy when he tugs it across the floor. Walking around and following Mommy as she socialized, the wooden slapping turned every head and earned him indulgent smiles from most everyone. Images that come easily to my mind:

* Baby boy on his back, his legs pulled up by pink leather straps attached to the harness, his legs spread and his bottom exposed, duck-shaped teether between his teeth.

* The two of us sitting close on a blanket, me reading aloud from Harriet Marwood: English Governess.

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