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Nov 12 2007 My Two-Week Long Scene / Vacation, Part IICategory: General     01:20PM   0

Sunday afternoon we had brunch and my little boy was a little bit intoxicated. I let him have some of Mommy's mimosa and it went straight to his head. We walked along the sunny streets, visiting shops full of underthings and toys and sweet treats, drunk on champagne but also on the weather and our happy little "family" dynamic. In an alley, I pushed him up against a metal grate and down to my heels, which he had picked out for me in the morning to match my dress. "Do the best you can, sweetie!" Soft words to encourage his trembling tongue in it's adoration. "Do the best you can, and Mommy will make sure you get a special treat." So motivated by treats, so hopeful and wide-eyed, he pushed his open lips onto my bare heels and wriggled his body with the excitement and the effort. He had been so wonderful that I let him choose a special reward- peanut butter fudge! We sat in the park for hours throwing balls for dogs and reading Peter Pan aloud. At some point the sun began to sink and the Bay Area blanket of fog began to roll over the hill. Ah, summer!

At home that night, another gift appeared: Elmer, the terrycloth duck bath puppet! Warm suds and soft towels, hot skin in the cool sheets- bedtime at last. I read him board books until his eyes began to droop and waiting until he was almost asleep

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