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May 7 2012 My Two-Week Long Scene / Vacation, Part ICategory: General     01:17PM   0

I took a bit of time away to spend a whole two weeks in "Mommy" role with a wonderful "boy," and I never wanted it to end! Imagine all of the tenderness and power that a Mommy can claim, the excitement of playing out in the world, where no one knows what you are to one another, and the pleasure of intimate rituals shared between Mommy and boy!

A few days in particular stand out for me. This boy wants so badly to be a good boy, to stay in Mommy's good graces, to be held close and cosseted, to have Mommy's warmth always. On the very rare occasion that I had to punish him, it was so humiliating that he never made the same mistake again. We were in bed one evening after supper when I was giving him an exam, the kind that Mommies often need to give young boys, just to be sure everything is working alright. He lay out on top of the blankets with nothing on but his short nightshirt and a teddy bear under one arm. Some of the things that Mommies have to do in exams can hurt just a little bit, so I stuffed his mouth with his cotton underwear, just to make sure we didn't worry the neighbors unnecessarily. At some point, I must have done something very surprising between his legs, because he spat out the underwear! What a naughty boy! After a brief talking to, I pulled him over my lap and gave him a punishment spanking; hard and fast to show him the consequences of changing things when Mommy has set them out just so. His cheeks were so hot and pink, the tears spread messily across them, not confined to quiet little rivers. He made little whimpers as my hand came down on his bare bottom, his brow constricted in self-pity, his teddy bear choked tight under one arm. It was such a surge of power, such a turn-on to level him out, to teach him discipline, that my cheeks were just as flushed. Snuggling him afterward, I wanted to cry myself. What a good little boy he was after that, nuzzled close and in awe of Mommy's knowledge of right and wrong.

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