Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Jan 11 2008 HairbrushesCategory: General     01:13PM   0

It was very cold in Barcelona this winter. I managed to stay alive through hot chocolate and twisted roleplay, humiliating social bondage, vicious spanking, and paddling with my bare palm and my new stocking stuffer: the Little Mister Bunny paddle. Wayward boys and bratty babies had best behave to avoid (or beg to receive) the sting of Mister Bunny!

Somehow my favourite scarlet wooden hairbrush was lost in the depths of my luggage until it was too late. It leaves the best stripes, almost like the pretty double traces left by a cane. I have been promised the loan of a useful boy who marks only through extreme force, and I'm sure my hairbrush will do the job. While in Spain, I found an amazing little shop with every imaginable hairbrush, comb, and tiny grooming tool. Of course the hairbrush-paddle connection was my first thrill, but I also thought of the CBT possibilities for all the tiny brushes and clippers and files and tweezers and little probing devices in smart little kits. How many people look at a shop like this and imagine stretching flesh, abrading and pinching, manipulating and fixing what's not pleasing to the eye through a little careful "grooming." Just as I was turning the corner to leave (the shop was closed and it was my last day), I saw the shaving paraphernalia! Beautifully sharp straight razors, old fashioned silver shavers, soft brushes for a loving lather, and steel stands in which to display all of it!

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