Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Feb 29 2008 Claudia: Dominant Girls / submissive daddiesCategory: General     01:09PM   0

The dynamic of a manipulative young girl in control and an older man under her pretty little thumb really gets me.

Tara and I make a great manipulative slumber party pair. In fact, I think we're in this role half the time we're together- pity the male authority figure who finds himself between us! As soon as Tara gets back from her travels we're going to need a slumber party at the Institute, where daddy will be made to get us sushi and champagne and let us do whatever we want.

I also just received a sweet belated Valentine from someone, reminding me that my daddy/Girl role model is the delicious Claudia from Interview with the Vampire.
She plays the innocent to manipulate the older men in her life to her advantage, by turns seducing and drawing their pity, threatening and indulging them. One of the best moments for me is the scene in the film when her piano teacher scolds her with a rap on the knuckles for a misplayed piece. She turns to look at him in a sort of incredulity. The next cut has her happily playing the piece perfectly, for her own pleasure, and the teacher slumping over, drained of his life force.

The outfits from the movie alone make me all hot and bothered! Combined with the time period in general, the vampirism, the dolls she plays with... This film is probably my "root."

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