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Apr 3 2008 A Tidy Nursery // Yiff Cross Dressing FantasyCategory: General     01:05PM   0

Yesterday I passed the morning and afternoon at the Eiger Institute, organizing and arranging things.

First I worked on the Nursery. There I pulled down piles and piles of soft white towels, adult-sized cloth diapers, and plastic pants, with and without ruffles! I spread them across the floral bedspread and folded each one carefully, stacking them back up on the shelves. I have an obsession with perfectly folded linens; shaking them out, smoothing them over and folding them precisely to yield a fluffy, even stack. I pulled down all of the bottles, glass and plastic, and matched them each with nipples and caps. Spoons and food next (any favourites you'd like us to stock?), followed by pacifiers and extra nipples in a variety of sizes for different mouths and little clips for hair and whatnot. I organized all of the name-brand baby lotions, oils, creams, powders and washes, making sure we had plenty in not only the nursery but also in the bathroom on the new lower level, where the spacious double tub has room enough for two. Little ropes and rubber tubing for tying assorted things up, games and toys, and the archetypal Ivory Soap bars all found their places. The next task in that room was the Governess' desk. In the drawers were some amazing tools I hadn't known about, including everything necessary for a VERY thorough pediatric exam! I couldn't help but wander over to the exam table and poke around in those cabinets and drawers, too! Of course: more exam and enema equipment!

The other big task was the complete reordering of the crossdressing closet! I tidied all the lovely wigs and jewelry, shoes and boots found their mates and were tucked primly into place, clothing hung up on the satin hangers and make-up sorted and replenished. The biggest task there was the lingerie: SO many stockings, bras, panties, foundational garments, and pantyhose! As I discovered a few oddly placed accessories, including a duck bill, I began to form a new fantasy...

I really love Yiff. Yiff is sometimes thought of as furry pornography, but not all furries like it, and not all yiffers are furries. Essentially, it is a kind of erotica featuring highly anthropomorphized animal characters. Some of it is raunchy, a lot of it is very tender. There is "vanilla" yiff, kinky yiff, straight and gay yiff, yiff that reads like cheap porn and yiff like long, erotic romance novels. There's yiff literature and also yiffy art. Jessica Rabbit from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a pretty good starting point, and I'm sure a quick web search will give more fuel to your imagination, but my fantasy is a bit different.

In my plan, I create my own personal yiffy character. Who am I enlisting for this project? Either a young, novice transvestite or crossdresser who came to me innocently looking for help, or some scumbag who needs to get over his macho issues. I take the body and sculpt it with tight corsets and elaborate make-up, tails and ears and high heels. Between my hands she is turned into a fuckable fox, a slinky cat, or a deer in the headlights. Part human, part animal, she has a feral lust and will do anything to be allowed to fulfill it. Then, of course, I bend her to my wicked will and have my way with her mouth and panties.

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