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Jun 28 2007 Paris: Kink DesertCategory: General     08:58AM   0

Paris is overcast today, but I have reservations at a three-star restaurant tonight, so I won't let the weather get me down!

The world of BDSM here is really far behind the Bay Area, with many unethical players and very little in the way of community. I believe that it is community (and the accountability implied) that helps to develop kink ethics. I'm sure some people are accountable even on their own, but community creates a space for us to discuss what is and is not physically or psychologically safe. I know safe is different for everyone, but some concepts need to grow socially. Without community, a lot of people don't know not to cane a hard cock or that aftercare can save someone's life or that alcohol is NOT a sterilizing agent! Community also makes it safer for us to see the difference between SM and abuse, to have other opportunities to feel what we like to feel. People love to hear about animal play, that it's actually a thing people will do with them, and that there are even places to compete! They are nourished to hear that they are not the only ones who like to be spanked or punched or bound.

Two years ago, I was denied entrance to the monthly fetish club here because I was not wearing leather, latex, or vinyl. I prefer satin to leather, and they didn't understand a Victorian fetish. My tight pink brocade and black satin Dark Garden custom corset, antique walking skirt, reproduction boots, and rich black sealskin velvet cape were apparently not the right fetish for their club. Most fetish clubs (this one included) cannot afford to turn away three beautiful women at the door, as the ratios already lean heavily the other way. Last year, I did go to a few fetish events, but they were all private affairs. This year, I received an invitation from that same monthly club, inviting me as a VIP! I'm considering wearing no latex or vinyl and seeing what happens if I'm already on the list!

Beyond an elegant dinner with a submissive this evening, I also have a plan to go shopping and play rough with him tomorrow, ending in another dinner reservation for three with the lovely Wendy Delorme! I love planning and scheming about all of the humiliating, degrading, objectifying things that I'll be doing to him over those 24 hours- part public humiliation, part financial domination, part cultural education and training. I love the mental workout, the creativity involved in what I do. I also love to see the canvas of simple skin become rosy by my palm, vividly striped by my cane, and bloom into purple flower bruises somewhere deeper.

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