Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Jun 26 2008 Hot and Cold, Part ICategory: General     01:03PM   0

He's such an adorable, nervous one. Meeting him at the door, She tells him that he's in for a surprise- that Violette is here again to help out with the scene. "Oh boy."

He strips and comes into the parlor, shaking and hiding his nakedness as best he can. After an assessment of his exposed parts, he's shackled into the newest of the bondage chairs. This one has a neck iron that fits perfectly around his throat, even when his head is encased in a leather hood and his eyes secured behind the connected blinders. his arms are locked into the irons, almost like an electric chair. I wonder if that will panic him, but he's distracted by my hair falling across his thighs when I lean across to lock his left side into place. He shudders. I lock his forearms down, add the leather mitts and lock down his wrists, ankles shackled into place, thighs held open by the tight rubber tubing and nipples pricked straight out like thorns. We close him into the soundproof isolation box and leer at him through the glass, wheeling him around and watching him struggle against himself, tire, find his strength, and wear himself out again. The air is so hot, even with all of the fans on, that the box is easily over 100 degrees inside. We decide to cool him down by putting him on ice. Locking him in again, this is even more entertaining- watching him squirm and fight the freezing pile of ice under his genitals. Fight, tire, resist, squirm, give up. His battle against himself, against us, the bondage, the ice. When we let him out to thaw, it's hardly even the halfway point. I still want to explore the inversion rack and the new head bondage that goes with it...

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