Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

May 2 2008 Spring BabyCategory: General     12:58PM   0

A little boy was rummaging through Sister's panties, and surprised by his thrill at discovering his own plastic panties from babyhood! From boy to girlchild to whimpering baby, he was strapped down to his sister's bed, hands kept from mischief inside of soft flannel-covered mitts and face buried in the scents of his infancy- Mommy's panties, sister's dresses, baby lotion and diapers. After a nap to calm down and surrender to his new life as a sissy baby, true corrective psychology could take over. From now on, there are only two places he will find release: standing before his Mommy and her Lady Friends in a frock and panties on display, and over Mommy's lap in a thick diaper.

I do love a little boy, sobbing in his sister's short frilly party dress, bottom red and eyes welling up.

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