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Jul 3 2008 Lingerie by any other name...Category: General     12:50PM   0

It's not "lawn-jer-ay," as we say in the US. In Paris it's "lan-jri" and I spent half my day shopping for it online with Mlle. Octavie. Her fetish for Chantal Thomass lingerie (however we pronounce it) has begun to rub off on me. It was exactly as you're imagining it: both of us gasping over polka-dot 50's pin-up panties and lacy pink girdles. "Ooh! what about THAT one?" Chantal Thomass has some new stockings coming out in the fall with the words "Regardez Pas" printed on the welt. It means "Don't Look"- how hot! With the slightly self conscious tone of a true fetishist, she admitted to me just how many of the pieces she owns. Some of us invest in stocks or real estate, but Octavie has cornered the market on lingerie.

I know I am far from the only lingerie fetishist in the world, but it's still exciting to meet someone who can talk about panties with the same degree of passion.

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