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I recently joined a list online for fans of the "Dominurturix" Harriet Marwood. For those who don't know, she is the focus of a book variously known as The English Governess or Harriet Marwood, Governess. Trying to search for Mommy/boy erotica, I find almost nothing. Yet here is this list, with hundreds upon hundreds of members, all fans of F/m domestic discipline with the "F" being an 18th century Governess and the "m" being a young boy addicted to onanism! What a dream!

I've noticed that my blog is very popular among people looking to be Mommy's little boy, and so I thought I might write a little today to answer a few questions I've received lately about my favourite kinds of age play. I'll devote a separate post to adult baby play later.

I really do get off on the role of the Mommy, the Governess, the Lady with power over young and impressionable boys and girls.

Sometimes the boys are small and eager to please me and gain my favour. These boys are eternally tied to Mommy's apron strings, aching for the sting of Governess Thorngate's hand across their bottom, helping them know right from wrong.

Sometimes they are teenage rebels, sexually explosive, who require a lot more physical persuasion and use of force. They may think they're grown, but I know what they really need.

It could be that I'm the older, more sophisticated girl in a boarding school "romantic friendship" with a younger and naive girl from the suburbs to ensnare, alternately doting upon her and leaving her passions unanswered.

Because I'm young and petite, I also very much enjoy age play that places me as the Little Miss who has uncle or papa or some other older male wrapped around her finger and jumping through hoops. I'm sure that Lolita has given form to a lot of fantasies along this vein, and there's a strong association with cuckolding and humiliation there.

Mommy/boy is a very strong part of my private play life. My favourite boy is, we estimate, around 4 or 5 years old most of the time. He has his "teen brat" days, but generally he's a very shy, excitable Mommy's boy who wants to please me and do what I say is necessary, no matter how painful or scary. While we interact in these roles publicly and privately, obviously our play is different in different places. I do not believe in subjecting non-consenting passers-by to something that might be disturbing to them. Most of the time in public, it's only the two of us who know what's going on.

A central theme is that Mommy misses the times when he was younger, closer to me, more dependent. He wants nothing more than to be close to Mommy, so if I want to treat him like a baby, he's more than willing to be my baby. He'll cooperate as Mommy buys toys, baby-talks, and does things which are more appropriate for a toddler or younger child. "Remember when Mommy had to wash you? Remember when Mommy used to swaddle you up in the softest diapers?" He begs to be allowed to do these little things because he desperately wants to please me. As you can tell, this kind of dynamic involves coercion and manipulation, which are huge turn-ons for me!

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