Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Jul 7 2007 Very Precious DollCategory: General     12:43PM   0

Unrelated to play, unrelated to kink.

Well, unrelated to kink for the majority of the people reading this, I'm sure. I think it becomes difficult for me to distinguish between things I feel physically, viscerally excited about and things which turn me on. The line is surprisingly thin. I suppose this is why we think of them as fetishes, rather than the old run-of-the-mill turn-ons. Delicate pastries are the immediate example. Shoes, especially tight little 19th century boots with thin laces or buttons. Vintage undergarments are a bit more common.

This is one of those moments of unclassifiable mania. This strange little handmade doll is making me sweat! I am in a panic!

One of my favourite kinds of age play is the [potentially taboo] daddy/Girl scene. I get excited to think about playing the Spoiled, Manipulative Little Girl to some hopelessly indulgent father figure, a la Lolita. "But daddy, you never buy me anything special. I just want one special thing. I just want the pretty dolly! Please? I'll give you something back... I'll give you same panties. I'll let you put your lips on my feet. I'll even let you kiss me on the cheek, just please please buy me this little doll!"

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