Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Aug 3 2008 Vintage Sissy MaidCategory: General     12:37PM   0

My plane had barely touched down when my bestockinged sissy maid came to visit in her vintage hosiery and cincher with garters, black satiny bra and maid uniform, ridiculously inappropriate heels and all too necessary chastity cage. Maidy here needs to be taken down a notch and disabused of her alpha male illusions. Taught to move in a suggestive manner for the female gaze. Taught to channel erotic response toward more useful and meaningful contributions- housework, massage, and service towards Ladies. Heavy balls fill her bra so that every step taken in her heels is a step to strengthen her lower back, as well. She is in chastity 24-7 and needs corporal punishment sessions to remind her, focus her. I lock her ankles to the spanking horse, spread wide. She has a tendency to run on at the mouth but the paddle puts her neatly in her place.

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