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Sep 29 2008 Folsom Street Faire and The Inverted EyeCategory: General     12:35PM   0

I certainly had a nicer fair experience this year, largely avoiding the drunk and naked and instead helping out a friend with his wonderful new business, The Inverted Eye, which sells subtly kinky items and discreet fetish antiques. Areas of specialty include baby, young boy/girl, Mommy/Daddy, student/teacher, medical/dental, barber, equestrian/cowboy, vaudeville/circus, domestic and 50's kitch. The website launched just two days ago and the physical store will open in the next six months, but I have had many opportunities to fondly the merchandise privately and make my own shopping list! My favourite items are the antique anal dilators, the cut-glass baby bottle, and an amazing butter paddle. Butter paddles are made of hardwood and most commonly used to work out any residual pockets of buttermilk when one has churned butter one's self. We can't be the first ones to use them for paddling people instead of butter- I imagine they have been a staple of domestic discipline for generations. It has such a perfect weight, but it's so compact and portable. I dare say, it would fit perfectly in my luggage...

At the booth I wielded my big wooden "F" paddle and answered questions about fetish antiquities while keeping the cock feathers in my hair from blowing away. I looked like a overly glamourous 1940's schoolteacher until the wind kicked up. Then I was an overly glamourous 1940's ice cube.

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