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Nov 5 2008 The New Crib at The EICategory: General     12:34PM   0

It's as if all the adult baby dreams have just come true. Not only that but naughty, impulsive little boys who require confinement and kitty cats in heat who are "relieved" through the bars of the cage!

The Eiger Institute is now home to a huge, cozy crib, the likes of which you've never seen. The high sides pull down to allow Mommy to attend to her little one, but even then a small set of stairs is needed just to climb in! I've already had the opportunity to play in the new crib twice, but I haven't climbed all the way in myself. Just looking at it was jaw dropping enough! The height is perfect for administering discipline, bottles, or back patting. White and wooden, it dominates the nursery, but the changing table, governess' desk, and all of the other toys and supplies find their perfect places on shelves, in drawers and in closets.

Little jonny came to see me this week and I think he would have been content never to get out.

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