Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

May 7 2012 I Know, I Know...Category: General     12:30PM   0

This month has been rain, rain, rain around here, but I've kept myself warm in a number of ways. New colleagues, a heavy pull on my supply of french tea*, and a wonderful day spent at the XXXXXXXX Hotel organized with Ms. Tara Sterling and a number of other Dommes. We all converged in the lovely tower suite (with it's view of both bridges) for hours of torture, snacks, electro-training, telescopes, toilet training, humiliation, and our general entertainment. I particularly enjoyed giving the poor fellow his lesson in provocative dancing, with Tara and Lucinda as audience. He absorbed his lesson surprisingly well, considering his bondage and the exposing windows. I've had fantasies ever since: What if my dungeon were a penthouse suite at the XXXXXXXX? What would we do there? Of course there are very good reasons to play in a dedicated space, but it's nice to take an indulgent vacation to a grand hotel.

*French tea stash perilously low! Danger!

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