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Feb 27 2009 Swan LakeCategory: General     12:28PM   0

Nasty slender villain in slippery black silk bewitches shivering nearly-nude creature. Spells are cast, dances danced. There's even a crossbow, which I've always wanted.

One of my favourite things to do before the ballet or opera in the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House is to walk through the cafe on my way to the lady's powder room. I feel the longing eyes of stocking fetishists trace the seams up my calves. I broadcast my own foot fetish through the tac-tac-tac of my glazed black heels on polished stone and the pearly red of my pedicure. I feel my dominance around me like a scent, picked up on the wind by those who most crave it.

I went to see the new choreography for Swan Lake in the company of my loyal servant, r. We discussed my ongoing box-at-the-opera service submission fantasy at the first intermission, this time with me in pointe shoes and a satin sheath dress. To tell the truth, the ballet was not at all what I had hoped for- the costuming for everyone but the villain was spare and not what one expects for a corps de ballet performing mostly as animals.

The long term training and servitude of r. is something I should speak of in more depth. I understand that when he first came to see a professional Dominant, he was most interested in wrestling. Wrestling? However would I have ended up with someone who primarily wants to wrestle!? Wrestling is something I Just Don't Do. But the person he saw turned him on to flogging as catharsis and he claims to have made more progress in 3 sessions than in 3 years of traditional therapy. Now he belongs to me, and has for many years.

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