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Jun 30 2009 "Reasonable" Attire According to Whom?Category: General     12:23PM   0

The last time I flew, I made a mental note never to wear a corset when I have a date with airport security. I left the corset packed, but the vintage girdle still set off the metal detectors in Toronto. I wore the same girdle on my flight to Paris (via Amsterdam), but at the transfer point it was my shoes that set it to beeping. My friend advises that I wear reasonable clothes, at least for travel, but what does "reasonable" mean?

I'm on the ground and settled in, with a fair amount of trouble already planned. Nuit Elastique, a Parisian fetish party, is just around the corner and I expect to be there in some kind of satin 1940's outfit featuring my personal dream fetish panties. I'll be taking a short trip to Aix en Provence for a photo shoot next week, only after I have had my fill of degrading a certain unlucky European garçon in a lux hotel room and in the streets of Paris.

On July 21 I will start a road trip to Amsterdam for a few days and arrive in Berlin on the 24th. There I'll meet up with Tara Sterling and spend some time enjoying German life and sunshine with her. On the 29th we'll both return to France until August 6th, partly to Paris and perhaps also to the south for a little vacation on the Mediterranean. Suggestions, anyone?

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