Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Jul 18 2009 Keyword: LuxuryCategory: General     11:56AM   0

Everyday things are so expensive here anyway, it seems foolish not to go for the most indulgent thing one can find. Last week I spent an afternoon at the Turkish baths, being scrubbed and rubbed and steamed. I've been enjoying the best shops for fine lingerie, a new found taste for Hypocras, and the agreeable habit of alternating between decadence and discretion.

I spent a day in a precious little bijou hotel room, right next door to where Oscar Wilde died. (The wallpaper wasn't bad at all!) My submissive companion and I had the most delicious dinner which I am holding myself back from describing in ecstatic detail- I love good food, prepared simply and well, accompanied by impeccable service.

The next day I left early for Aix en Provence, where I met up with Robert Chouraqui to do a photo shoot. By last minute twists of fate, I ended up staying in a beautiful four-star chateau built in the 14th century. The cicadas were singing their strange buzzing song in the heat of the early evening when we finished shooting. Melon, tomato, and olives around the swimming pool. French doors open to a little private garden for naked moon bathing. Luxury is the keyword.

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