Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Sep 3 2009 What Has a Few Holes, Two Stockings, and One Purpose in Life?Category: General     11:45AM   0

It's good when you do your homework. It's good for you and it's good for me, and it's good for the nice boys and girls at home who are reading along.

My sissymaid needs the kind of discipline that can only be administered while wearing a girdle and stockings. This discipline should fall painfully across the rear of a bestockinged submissive, bound over a spanking horse, spread and ready for whatever it takes to produce compliance!

Dear Miss Thorngate,

I do so apologize, business travel called me away; of course there is no excuse in my statement.

Thank you for the attitude adjustment in our recent session. As a sissymaid for the domestic and sexual service of my wife, it is most helpful to have my views and attitudes towards service adjusted through corporal discipline. I shall not forget the taste of soap, the spreader on my mouth inviting deeper penetration than any willing slut would have allowed, and I shall consider that lesson when opening my mouth to my wife in the future.

Your training of my body posture and feminine walking was also of great insight. Women wear high heels to please men, I wear them in service to women. Being corseted, chained and hobbled while walking in them again pushed my appreciation for women well beyond what a women endures.

Your training has taken me to a good place in the service of women. My chastity cage keeps me focused on the sexual needs of my wife, and the corporal punishment was reinforcement of my role as service provide, domestic hand and house husband. And I am the better for it. Thank you!

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