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May 31 2007 Shoes, Frosting.Category: General     08:48AM   0

Someone has just sent me some absolutely pornographic images of cupcakes, and all I can think of is squishing them against my skin, piercing them with my heels, and having the sugary carnage licked off by an enthusiastic bottom. You know that for someone so attached to their shoes, for a Lady with an intense shoe fetish, that a heel is a sexual organ. It is an extension of my body- it wants to be sucked off, it wants to penetrate, be worked up, jerked off. You take me to a place where I can pick out viciously pointed heels, and then to the bakery for cupcakes. Not cheap, chemical grocery store cupcakes, but rich, perfect little shrines of sugar from some place with a fetish like my own. Shiny black patent looks slick against the soft, creamy frosting. Butter up the toe so it can slide more easily in and out of your hungry mouth.

Cupcakes that get me all hot and bothered:

L.A. :

Cupcake Royale
Dahlia Bakery

Miette (high pornography factor! Also, rose geranium Parisian macarons!)
Citizen Cupcake

There are more. Someone, somewhere must have compiled something more comprehensive. That someone probably needs to make an appointment with me. The more fluffy, feminine, and buttery, the better. I like a frilly sissy slut cupcake, an extravagant marie antoinette cupcake, a cupcake that belongs in a lingerie store or a pleasure garden.


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