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I always love to play in the morning, when everything feels fresh. I like the feeling of going from bright sun into a candle-lit dungeon, and brightness again after. The rest of my day feels enchanted and the stars all align for me. I find the book I've been looking for for 6 years. Food tastes better and I can hear the birds through the city sounds that usually obscure them.

The right music, the right stockings, the right paddle. Texture feels more important in the morning. I'm more verbal in the morning. I don't know if ch. expected to get such a scolding with his corporal punishment. I didn't stop to ask. As his Governess, I had been entrusted by his parents to give him an education not only in the usual scholastic matters, but also in moral hygiene and general behavior.

After a very good week, I allowed him out to attend a party being thrown by some other adolescent boys in the neighborhood. When he wasn't home by curfew, I lied to his parents to protect him. After that, ch. was really over a barrel. When he finally showed his face the following morning, I pulled him by his ear through my rosy bedchamber and into the study. Nose against the wall. Stripped down and dressed down, interrogated and made to answer for his actions. Choosing the implements of his own punishment, he began to whimper and quake. Lining them up on the bed, I smirked in pleasure.

Up until now, he had been punished like a child; ruler across the knuckles, quickly taken over my knee. But his progression into teenage misbehavior tells me it's time to punish him like a youth. The first punishment must be so severe as to deter future misdeeds, which would then require further disciplinary measures.

Used: Paddle. Strap. Cane.
Him: Touching his toes, over my lap, bent over the bed.
Me: Hard. Swift. Endless.
Him: Yelping. Sobbing. Pleading mercy.
Flesh: Pink then red then purple.

He lay still, head in my lap, for quite a long time after. It was just what he needed.

"You don't mention anything about being a true sadist on your website!" he exclaimed joyfully afterward.

Consider this my confession, but remember that I cradled him tenderly!

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