Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Oct 14 2009 Sissy Bo PeepCategory: General     11:44AM   0

The San Francisco Chronicle is running a wonderful photo piece about crossdressing in the 20th century. As the article notes, we don't know much about these individuals. Was is a hobby? A costume party? A lifestyle? A kink? I think it's important to note that almost every face is beaming brightly with the pleasure of gender transgression! This image is one of my favourites: the ruffled bonnet, bloomers, corset, and stockings really fulfill my secret Bo Peep kink! It's not very secret, really; those who came to visit me when I was sessioning at The E. I. will recall the portrait of me as sultry, aloof Bo Peep with a wide-eyed and willing baby goat at the end of a leash. Perhaps I can somehow digitize it and put it on my site!

It's interesting to speculate on the person behind the camera in this image. Is it another sissy partner in secret dress-up crime? Is it a wife or Dominant Lady who is force feminizing for her own pleasure? Is this frilly little lassie smug? Embarrassed? Giddy? The face below that lacy little cap certainly doesn't give up its secrets so readily.

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