Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Dec 8 2009 Send Him to Me, Part IICategory: General     11:40AM   0

I say almost nothing until the arm binders are laced up snugly from each shoulder to wrist, the hands pointed within their mitts. The harness is fastened over his body and cinched tight. I direct him to stand on the black circle in the center of the leather straps piled on the floor like a sloughed off snake's skin.

I love the sound of the suspension winch. I feel a swoon bloom over my body with the ominous taktaktaktaktak of the chain being pulled through, just like the sound of a roller coaster before it is given over to gravity. Pulling and pulling the chain through causes the slack pile of leather to come to life. It rises past his knees and past his chest, over his head as it constricts around him, making him into a tight tube of human flesh. The exposed skin pops out in diamond shapes where it's crisscrossed severely by the leather cage. Through one diamond I pass his genitals, drumming my nails on the hard plastic chastity device. I pick up the phone beside me and dial your number.

"This device is much too large for him, I can tell he's been slipping out behind your back." He doesn't know how I can tell, but his face flushes deeply all the same. "Punish him for it, if you wouldn't mind, Violette?" I assure you that I've already begun as I pull once more on the chain and he just barely lifts off the ground. I give his cage a little push, just to show him how helpless he is in there. He squeals and whimpers, tries to shift his body for comfort and to avoid the canes he's just noticed on the table beside me.

I hang up the phone and pick up a cane in one gesture, breathe in and pull back, swinging forward before he's had a chance to squirm; stripes over the diamonds of exposed skin. I reach out to steady him with dark nails clutching his device tight.

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