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Dec 26 2009 Happy Holidays!Category: General     11:37AM   0

I have been enjoying some wonderful days relaxing in Los Angeles with friends, eating fantastic food and reading some interesting new books poolside. I love the bungalows built for aspiring starlets and the low-and-wide, mid-century modern look of everything from the typeface on signs to the chairs and tables. The glamour of early Hollywood shimmers from everything, sometimes discreetly and sometimes unmissable. A few nights ago I watched Ed Wood, a Tim Burton film about a B-movie director from the 50's and 60's (played by Johnny Depp) who loves to wear lingerie, angora sweaters, and pumps. It wasn't the first time I'd seen it, but I was especially appreciative of all the little details of 1950's Hollywood that I'm surrounded by this week.

The next few days have been splendidly unplanned up until now; will I end up in Palm Springs? Mexico? Hollywood? San Diego? Las Vegas? A local spa or a hike in nature? Luxury hotel or long drive?

As a gift to myself, I've been updating and adding to my wishlist. I like wishlists because they help me to keep track of things I'd like to get, and at the same time eliminate the guesswork for those who want to know. A thoughtless gift is a shame, and I really dislike bad chocolate. Making the gesture of sending a gift without bothering to make it a well-considered gift tells me that the sender doesn't value our connection much.

On the other hand, I relly appreciate a gift that speaks to my interests or our unique connection. This Christmas Tara Sterling's chastity toy bought nice gifts for her closest friends, and mine was a pair of these sexy Tobisho shears. They are heavy, well-designed, and razor sharp. Gardening? Castration? Both? Wouldn't you like to know!

While I was revisiting my lists, I bought myself a few Christmas presents. It's an important part of my holiday ritual to buy something random that I've always wanted. I hope you remembered to buy something nice for yourself this season, too! Happy Holidays!

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