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Palm Springs

It was dark out, and the faint glow from the low lights under the fragrant trees lit the walkway just enough for me to see where to place each black patent heel on my way to the pool. Tara was already down there, enjoying the cool desert night on her face and the hot tub's bubbles surrounding the rest of her.

Something amazing grows here along the walkway, some sweet-smelling unearthly plant that I can't walk by without a pause. I've heard that the reason people have such a passion for jasmine flowers has to do with some component of their perfume being similar to human pheromones. This must be beyond that, not just any pheromones but specifically the ones that target me.

I am warm, wrapped in a leopard print blanket and silky black panties. They're the kind I wear almost every day- full briefs with a wide swath of lace down one side of the front panel, soft and shimmery in the brassy light from the heat lamps. While I brought several swimsuits with me, I've also spent the last couple of days in and out of the water and they're at various stages of drying out. It's late enough that we're the only ones here, and who cares anyway?

Into the hot tub in nothing but panties. Tara and I laugh about it, but it's absolutely true.

Palm Springs was lovely, and I can't wait to go back.

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