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What initially attracted me to Footnight was the image of women in throne-like chairs, arranged in semi-private booths around a plush, dimly lit room. I imagined submissive men crawling from one chair to the next, or lowering to their knees before me, heads bowed, requesting the honour of worshipping my feet. There would be basins of warm rosewater, edible massage oils, a dress code for the submissives.

In reality, Footnight is welcoming, casual, and a lot more like a social party that just happens to be peopled with very hot women in high leather pumps, strappy stripper sandals, and peep-toe heels. Some of the women wear latex, some of them wear sundresses. This time, there were quite a few in tight jeans and soft sweaters.

In reality, they are friendly and approachable, and there's plenty of conversation between foot sessions. No one was crawling, everyone was smiling, and there were certainly many different styles of foot adoration taking place.

In reality, many of the foot-lovers who attend do not identify as submissive. Mostly, they are fetishists who, while enthusiastic about feet, are not as excited as I am about power exchange. While I respect fetishists and often enjoy playing with them, my hot point is the D/s in foot worship. I have even had fantastic connection with someone who identified himself as a dominant foot fetishist; he introduced me to "corn cobbing," which I love.

During the night, I wove threads of dominance through my sessions. A foot penetrating a mouth. A heel grinding into a thigh. One foot cradling his head while the other one covered his mouth and nose. These were the high moments for me, the hottest moments.

While I enjoy Footnight, I'm still dreaming of the kind of event that danced in my mind the first time I heard about an evening all about foot worship- dark velvet curtains, devotees on their knees, and powerful Fem Dommes smiling down on them.

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