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Jan 14 2010 The Red Bulb EnemaCategory: General     11:33AM   0

"I was never spanked, but spent a fair amount of time looking up words like 'spanking,' 'paddling,' 'birching,' and 'corporal punishment' in the dictionary. I also used to take down my pants and underwear and lean over the bed, waiting for the punishment that I knew I deserved (but never happened)."

This is the most touching part of your letter, j.
I just love to imagine you like that, wishing you had the firm hand of justice every night before bed like your friend down the street.

"I realized I was under Mommy's authority, she who can make me do anything since she represents the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY.

My power over you means I own every part of you, every opening and every surface. I can cover them with blows or caresses, fill them with my own fluids or force you to go in your diaper while I look on.

"The punishments were just right since by the end I was really in the mind of a 3-5 year old willing to say anything to 'save my bottom.' "

There are things I must do in order for you to grow up properly. Discipline and hygiene are necessary if you wish to live under this roof.

"The red bulb enema waiting on the bedside table... seeing the strap that would be used... being made to put my nose to the wall while I waited... The final enema of milk and honey added that warm feeling of 'I do care' which meant a lot."

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