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Feb 3 2010 Vita/OrlandoCategory: General     11:31AM   0

I met Vita/Orlando when she came to San Francisco in the summer last year. A mutual friend had put us in touch while I was organizing my European summer travels. It seemed like the perfect arrangement to swap apartments with a kinky Parisian girl and when I learned that our trips would mostly overlap but allow for a little time together in both SF and Paris, how could I refuse?

We got to know one another picking berries down the California coast. We spoke about theories and found that we had a lot in common. It's hard to find Dommes in Paris whose heart is really in it, and I felt lucky to connect with this star on the rise. The icing on the cake? When I dropped her off at the end of the day, twenty pounds of blackberries rolled forward and fell all over her! She has a very cute photo on her blog that echos that moment, only in this photo she's mostly naked and they're strawberries.

In Paris we met again at a gorgeous picnic at Parc Montsouris and I was struck by the amazing paradox of her. She's petite, fine-boned with big, swallowing eyes like chestnuts. At the same time, she's overeducated, politically active, and fiercely committed to sexuality, kink, and art.

I have a fantasy that while I'm in Paris, I'll bring a cocky submissive to her and look on, gratified, as she intellectually eviscerates him. Afterward, we'll flay him raw and have a pastry picnic over his sore, naked body. Delightful!

I'm so lucky to have friends like Vita!

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