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May 13 2010 Summer Travel PlansCategory: General     11:21AM   0

I usually head to Europe in the summertime, where I am fortunate to find a perfect balance between whirlwind adventures and lazy holidays.

   June 22 through 28 I will be in Toronto, Ontario. I'm looking forward to visiting my favourite lunch spot, watching the black (and white) squirrels in the park, and finally seeing the botanical gardens which should be in full bloom. Unfortunately, it will also be the time of the G8/G20, so I've heard that the city will not be its usual self. Perhaps I will lure some policy makers away from their summit and keep them bound in my web. Mmm. What a perfect opportunity for a political brainwashing and mind control scene!

   I will be available in Paris on and off between July 1 and August 8. Paris is like my other home and every year it's such a pleasure to make my rounds to the antique lace shop, the very best chocolate shop, the private play parties, and my neighborhood creperie for a savoury crepe bretonne. Silent movies and shopping with slaves, flawless dinners where service is taken as seriously as surgery. Reunions with Domme friends in Paris will be numerous this year- every time I go, I end up meeting (and often playing with) new Ladies.

   During those five and a half weeks I'll be making some shorter trips out to Berlin and Amsterdam, which will be posted when the dates are set. If you're hoping to meet with me in one of those cities, let me know as soon as possible so I can keep that in mind. Both cities make me think of concrete and flowers and canals, but in such different ways. I've never played in Amsterdam, but I've always wanted to stay at The Black Tulip, a luxurious leather BDSM bed and breakfast which has now closed its doors. It looks like it will be reopening under another name and retaining its elegance but losing its dungeon appeal! While I've visited twice, I feel that I am still discovering the wonder of Berlin and the pull that brings kinky and creative types there from around the world. Some of my favourite erotic performers and perverts are there right now, hopefully warming up the city for my visit.

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