Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

May 25 2010 EquestrienneCategory: General     11:20AM   0

Lately my fantasies keep coming back to an equestrian theme. Looking down on a captured slave from my perch on the back of a black mount, wet from the hunt. Sneering at the stable boy before lifting my boot and kicking him down into the muck. Tacking up a ponygirl for display, tucking the bit securely between her lips and holding her face before mine to see the surrender in her eyes. And the clothing. The clothing!

Sunday morning I got together with the duo behind Sleek Images and the versitile and gorgeous Penny Barber. Penny is a force unto herself- Domina, Pro Switch, Ponygirl, and AB Fetishist. She has a finger in many different pots at once, and all of the pots seem to be well stirred! One of the two shoots we did together over the weekend shows me as posh Ponymistress, discovering that my new stable girl has done nothing but smoke and chat all afternoon. I'm all dressed up for a ride down Rotten Row, but the horses are neither tacked up nor warmed up! The brat gets a good talking-to about her responsibilities around the estate and then answers for her wasted day by becoming my ride herself.

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