Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Jun 10 2010 Travel and ElectricityCategory: General     11:18AM   0

Travel is almost always smooth for me. I love the feeling of printed packing lists, itineraries on cream-coloured paper, documents and copies of documents. I love every little thing I could possibly need, packed up with an eye to efficiency of space. Gear is cleaned and fit into suitcases in anticipation of the unpacking and play. I love the feeling of organization and traveling, for me, is like the holy grail of organized times. The pre-travel planning, started months before. The to-do list and errands for the week leading up. The morning-of, planned out by what is not yet packed. These are little pleasures quite apart from arriving at one's destination, and I enjoy them in their own right.

Caught up in the joy of errand running, I picked up a few bon voyage gifts for myself: an ErosTek-232, blue electrobands, a corona and urethral stimulator, and conductive beads for insertion. All of them are compact and easy to travel with, and the ET-232 adapts to US or European electrical current! I had a plan for the first person to feel their magic, but he has yet to confirm the day so the honour of taking the device-virginity is still up for grabs!

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